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1.20.4 NeoForge


This section is about NeoForge for Minecraft 1.20.4


Porting from 1.20.1 Forge to 1.20.4 NeoForge

In this tutorial we will explain how to port a mod from 1.20.1 Forge to 1.20.4 NeoForge.

1.20.4 Step By Step

The YouTube videos are for 1.20.1 Forge so use them only as a general guide. Things like capabilities and networking have changed a lot. This wiki and the GitHub have been updated for 1.20.4 NeoForge

All tutorial videos have a table of contents for easier navigation.

All concepts mentioned in these tutorials are summarized here.

Episode 1: The BasicsYouTubeEpisode 1GitHub
Episode 2: Blocks, Block Entity, Datagen, RendererYouTubeEpisode 2GitHub
Episode 3: Block properties, TOP, Networking, GUIYouTubeEpisode 3GitHub
Episode 4: Power generation and usageYouTubeEpisode 4GitHub
Episode 5: Cable System (Baked Models)YouTubeEpisode 5GitHub