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Experience Crafter


Experience Crafter

The Experience Crafter is a 5x5 crafting device that can also use XP in order to determine the bonus effects on crafted trinkets.

Experience Crafter

Essence items

You can use the following essence items in your recipes if you want:

  • icon Blaze Essence
  • icon Chicken Essence
  • icon Dragon Essence
  • icon Enderman Essence
  • icon Ghast Essence
  • icon Iron Golem Essence
  • icon Skeleton Essence
  • icon Spider Essence
  • icon Wither Essence
  • icon Wither Skeleton Essence
  • icon Zombie Essence

Defining recipes

Location: data/<modid>/recipes/

To specify a recipe for the Experience Crafter you have to use the fancytrinkets:xprecipe recipe type.

Example recipe:

"type": "fancytrinkets:xprecipe",
"key": {
"S": {
"type": "forge:partial_nbt",
"item": "fancytrinkets:gold_ring",
"nbt": "{id:\"fancytrinkets:base_gold_ring\"}"
"f": {
"item": "fancytrinkets:iron_golem_essence"
"g": {
"item": "fancytrinkets:blaze_essence"
"t": {
"item": "minecraft:ghast_tear"
"pattern": [
"result": {
"item": "fancytrinkets:gold_ring",
"nbt": {
"id": "fancytrinkets:fireresist_ring"