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Trinkets are the actual items that the player can see and use in game. They will be associated with a set of effects and one of the built-in trinket items.


Location: data/<modid>/fancytrinkets/trinkets

Trinkets are based on one of the given trinket items that are available in this mod (note, it's possible for other mods to provide their own trinkets using a capability. More on that in another chapter)

The following items are supported (add fancytrinkets: in front to get the full ID to use in the trinket description):

  • icon gold_ring
  • icon gold_ring_blue
  • icon gold_ring_green
  • icon gold_ring_red
  • icon gold_ring_diamond
  • icon silver_ring
  • icon silver_ring_blue
  • icon silver_ring_green
  • icon silver_ring_red
  • icon silver_ring_diamond
  • icon obsidian_ring
  • icon obsidian_ring_diamond
  • icon star
  • icon heart
  • icon heart_body
  • icon feather
  • icon black_pearl
  • icon blue_pearl
  • icon yellow_pearl
  • icon purple_pearl
  • icon shiny_pearl
  • icon leather_belt
  • icon blue_belt
  • icon charm1
  • icon charm2

General syntax

The general syntax for a trinket is as follows:

"bonustable": "<bonustable id>", // Reference to the bonus table (see later)
"description": "<description key>", // A language key for the description of this trinket
"name": "<name key>>", // A language key for the name of this trinket
"item": "<item id>", // One of the supported trinket items (see above)
"effects": [ // A list of effects
"hidden": false, // If this effect visible in tooltip or not
"id": "<effect id>" // The id of the effect to use

The bonustable represents the set of effects that you can get when crafting this trinket (depending on the experience inserted into the Experience Crafter). More on bonus tables in Bonus Tables.


Here is an example for a simple regeneration ring:

"bonustable": "fancytrinkets:standard",
"description": "trinket.fancytrinkets.regeneration_ring.description",
"item": "fancytrinkets:gold_ring_diamond",
"name": "",
"effects": [
"hidden": false,
"id": "fancytrinkets:regeneration"

And here an example of a more advanced trinkets with multiple effects:

"bonustable": "fancytrinkets:standard",
"description": "trinket.fancytrinkets.power_star.description",
"item": "fancytrinkets:star",
"name": "",
"effects": [
"hidden": false,
"id": "fancytrinkets:attack_range"
"hidden": false,
"id": "fancytrinkets:attack_speed"
"hidden": false,
"id": "fancytrinkets:attack_damage"
"hidden": false,
"id": "fancytrinkets:reach_distance"

Default trinkets

There are a lot of default trinkets already included with the mod. You can find all of them here ( Here is a list:

  • base_star: Crafting ingredient to make star trinkets
  • flight_star: This star gives you the freedom of flight
  • power_star: You feel the power surging through you!
  • swift_star: Feel the freedom of swift and flexible movement
  • slowfalling_feather: Gravity seems to have less effect on you
  • base_gold_ring: Crafting ingredient to make golden ring trinkets
  • lightness_ring: Reduce 75% of fall damage
  • fireresist_ring: Reduce all heat related damage (100%)
  • nightvision_ring: Using a hotkey you can see clearly in the dark
  • grow_charm: Crops grow faster around you
  • stepassist_ring: You can move around much easier now
  • base_heart: Crafting ingredient to make heart trinkets
  • super_health: You feel so much more healthy now
  • cure: Negative effects can't harm you
  • base_gold_ring_diamond: Crafting ingredient to make golden ring trinkets (with diamond)
  • absorption_ring: Provides some damage absorption
  • regeneration_ring: Slowly get your health back
  • strength_ring: Your attacks seem to have more effect
  • warp_pearl: Warp Pearl