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Loot modifiers

Location: data/<modid>/loot_modifiers/

Using loot modifiers you can add essence loot or trinket loot to chests, entities, or other things that have loot.

The Essence Loot modifier

The essence loot modifier (type fancytrinkets:essence_loot) can be used to add essence. In fact it is general enough that you could also use it for other items. Here is an example on how to use it:

  "type": "fancytrinkets:essence_loot",
  "chance": 0.3,
  "conditions": [
      "condition": "forge:loot_table_id",
      "loot_table_id": "minecraft:entities/blaze"
      "condition": "minecraft:killed_by_player"
  "item": "fancytrinkets:blaze_essence",
  "looting": 0.3,
  "max": 2,
  "min": 1

The Trinket Loot Modifier

With the trinket loot modifier (type fancytrinkets:trinket_loot) you can generate random trinkets of a certain quality. Here is an example. In this example we have a very small chance to generate a random trinket (any trinket) with maximum quality of 10 (which is very bad).

  "type": "fancytrinkets:trinket_loot",
  "chance": 0.02,
  "conditions": [
      "condition": "forge:loot_table_id",
      "loot_table_id": "minecraft:chests/bastion_bridge"
  "looting": 0.0,
  "max": 1,
  "maxquality": 10.0,
  "min": 1,
  "minquality": 5.0,
  "trinkets": []

You can specify a specific list of trinkets inside the trinkets tag.

Curios Tags

Curios also has some tags that you can use to control in what slots every trinket fits.

Location: data/curios/tags/items/

This is organized by type of the curios slot. The following slots are supported:

  • belt
  • body
  • bracelet
  • charm
  • head
  • necklace
  • ring

Here is an example:

  "values": [